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"My goal is to produce a safe, happy horse that is calm yet responsive to the rider."

I am primarily training my own horses at this time.
I will, however, consider outside horses on a case by case basis.

My specialty has been starting horses, though I am now able to offer gait training.  At this point I am better at teaching horses rather than people, but I encourage owners of horses I train to take a few lessons from me so I can demonstrate what they can expect from the horse, what the horse should expect from them and how to communicate that effectively to the horse.


Starting Horses:

I use a blend of From 2-1 (Magnús Lárusson), Parelli, TTouch/TTeam, and ground driving to make the horse's transition into a riding horse as stress-free and safe as possible.

I prefer to have the horse for 6 weeks to 2 months, depending on age and maturity.  At the end of this period, the horse should respond to basic cues for stopping, steering, speeding up, slowing down and should have some trail experience and preliminary work in lateral movement. After this time, I encourage the owners to give the horse a break to allow these new experiences to sink in.

© 2004 Ian Shaw


Gait Training:

I emphasize self-carriage, collection and proper form using dressage techniques.  I train for responsiveness to the aids and for getting each gait on demand.

I discourage hollowness of the back and neck and train for the horse to be properly on the bit.

Assi frá Sherwood (aka "Trausti")
© 2005 Gretchen Hoey and Dawn Shaw
(from video)

Personal Credentials and Continuing Education:

I spent 6 weeks training under Magnús Lárusson and Svanný Hall (Úrvalshestar Icelandic Horses) at a farm in Iceland to improve my knowledge and ability to work with young horses.  I have also taken a TTeam/TTouch clinic and studied briefly with a level 1 Parelli trainer.

I have taken frequent lessons from Svanný Stefansdóttir, an FT certified trainer from Iceland, which is how I am able to advance my riding and training skills as well as get advice on how to improve horses I am working with.  I am currently (as of July 2008) taking regular dressage lessons from a Centered Riding instructor.

In July 2005 I took the "Starting Young Horses" clinic at Icelandic Horse Farm to learn the TTeam/TTouch methods.

In May 2007 I rode in the World Championship tryouts, for which I prepared by taking lessons and a clinic on sport competition riding.

In March 2008 I participated in the first FEIF Level C Trainer Certification Course, held in Rutledge, Georgia at Creekside Farm.  It was an intense 2-week course taught by Walter Feldmann Jr., an well-renowned German trainer. I passed 9 out of 10 tests that year. After two years of dressage lessons to improve my seat, aids and riding skills, I passed the 10th test, Gait Riding, in March of 2010 so I am now a certified trainer. I continue to take dressage lessons and have started showing my horses in low level schooling tests.

I do periodically take other clinics which I feel might be helpful in providing new skills and new tools, or which help to enhance existing techniques.

My work speaks for itself, and I'd be happy to provide references.

TTEAM clinic at Icelandic Horse Farm
© 2003 Bonnie Swenson

              FEIF C Gait Test

Passing the Gait Test on Skjalfti at Creekside Farm, Rutledge, GA
© 2010 Katrin Sheehan


I am happy to discuss fully what you and the horse can expect and am happy to provide references.  I do not work with problem horses, but know people who do so please contact me for information.

My current training rate as of January 1, 2013 is $600 per month including basic board.

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