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Elja from Lone Cedar

Elja March 2017 

Taken March 31, 2017
copyright © 2017 Dawn Shaw


Elja from Lone Cedar
Black mare, born May 21, 2003
US Registration Number: US2003202295
Current Location: Grapeview, WA

 Sire: Draumer frá Hrísm (first prize stallion)
 Sire's sire: Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ (honor prize stallion)
 Sire's dam: Snerra frá Dalvík
 Dam: Askja frá Akureyri (2nd prize mare, 9 for tolt)
 Dam's sire: Baldur frá Bakka (first prize stallion)
 Dam's dam:
Katla frá Refsstað

Elja is a natural tolter (preferred gait tolt). She has mixed energy- some days she is all go, and other times she is fine just walking along. She is five gaited but is not trained in pace. She will trot, especially up hill, but her steadiest gait is tolt. She goes well barefoot.

Intermediate rider with good hands and good balance required- she is not a beginner's horse. She has been ridden out on the trail alone, but prefers the company of other horses and does very well in arena settings. She is not a spook or a bolter, but can be a little reactive and needs a confident rider.

She is 13.1 hands with tall withers, so would be most suitable for a small to average sized rider. She is current on worming, vaccinations, hoof trims and dental. I really like this mare, and the only reason she is for sale is because I have more horses than I can ride regularly and I want her to be used. Potential buyers must come see her in person, and a buy-back clause will be included in the sales contract. A new home in the Northwest is preferred.

Price: $8200
Owned by Dawn Shaw
Contact Dawn Shaw via
E-mail or 360-275-7542

Hrísla from Red Hill

Hrisla Tolt

Taken May 29, 2012
copyright © 2012 Dawn Shaw

Hrisla standing

Taken July 18, 2011
copyright © 2011 Dawn Shaw


Hrísla from Red Hill
Black pinto mare, born August 21, 2007
US Registration Number: US2007203604
Current Location: Grapeview, WA


 Sire: Svartbakur frá Hólum
 Sire's sire: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla
 Sire's dam: Kría frá Lækjamóti
 Dam: Hera from Red Hill
 Dam's sire: Ofeigur from Chapman Crest Acres
 Dam's dam: Hekla from Red Hill

Strongly built mare with good energy, yet not too forward. She trots and tolts under saddle and could possibly be five-gaited. She is very friendly and people-oriented, and will be happiest with her own person and a job. She is smart, confident, sensible, brave and loves to work, but her rider does need to be a leader.

She goes out on the trail alone and with other horses. She is 12.3 hands tall but can carry a moderately sized adult with no problems. She has the potential to be a great family horse and possibly even a child's mount with the right guidance for both child and horse.

She has a ton of trail miles in various locations, and in November she spent a month in Lebanon, Oregon for some bombproofing work. I have video of that if interested.

Price: $6500
Owned by Dawn Shaw
Contact Dawn Shaw via
E-mail or 360-275-7542

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