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Brjánn frá Neđra-Seli

Taken July 25, 2011
copyright © 2011 Dawn Shaw

Brjann head shot mane

Taken April, 2011
copyright © 2011 Dawn Shaw

Brjánn frá Neđra-Seli
Bay dun gelding, born 2005
US Registration Number: US2005103709
FEIF ID # IS2005181111
Current Location: Grapeview, WA


 Sire: Ţóroddur frá Ţóroddsstöđum (first prize stallion)
 Sire's sire: Oddur frá Selfossi (first prize stallion)
 Sire's dam: Hlökk frá Laugarvatni (first prize mare)
 Dam: Bylgja frá Snjallsteinshöfđa (first prize mare)
 Dam's sire: Kolskeggur frá Stćrri-Bć (first prize stallion)
 Dam's Dam: Fluga frá Vindási (first prize mare)

Brjánn is a brave and confident, and as a stallion he was well-behaved and well-socialized . He was raised in a herd of 50 or more stallions and geldings in Iceland and imported at the age of 3. He's been started under saddle and has had two months professional dressage training as well as some trail time. In the spring of 2013, he was trained by an Icelandic horse trainer in Canada for evaluation, but we determined that he lacked certain qualities that would make him successful in an official breeding evaluation. Therefore, in October of 2013, I had him gelded.

He is an excellent riding horse. He is 13.3 hands tall with a strong, sturdy build and his bloodlines are impeccable. He is most definitely five gaited with clear gaits. He is easy to get into tolt and had some gait training this past spring. He has a clear smooth trot and an energetic walk. Needs work on balance in canter, and should be easy to train in flying pace as well. Click here for a video of Brjánn in early tolt training. Click here for one of him trotting with the dressage trainer.

In December 2014 I sent him to a trainer for a month for bombproofing and she worked him through a few issues.

Price: $10,500
Owned by Dawn Shaw
Contact via
E-mail or 360-275-7542

Glóinn from Rivendell

Gloinn from Rivendell

Taken August 14, 2012
copyright © 2012 Dawn Shaw

Glóinn from Rivendell
Chestnut gelding, born May 4, 2009
US Registration Number: US2009104206
Current Location: Grapeview, WA


 Sire: Dynfaxi from Rivendell
 Sire's sire: Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku
 Sire's dam: Tromma frá Kjarri
 Dam: Elding from Rivendell
 Dam's sire: Frendi from Rhythmhill
 Dam's dam: Oesk/Katla from Saga California

Glóinn is 13 hands tall and tolts everywhere for anyone. Indications are he will be five gaited. Has been ridden by a child but was started too early and really wasn't "trained" so didn't know much. I gave him a year or so off and restarted him under saddle. I sent him to a trainer for the month of November 2014 for trail miles and boomproofing and he came back much more energtic, confident and consistent. If he is unsure about something, he has never refused if I allow him to think about it. I don't normally enjoy geldings as much as I do mares but I find him fun to ride. He's been described as "an old soul." He will go out alone or with other horses.

Currently, I would recommend him for a confident beginner or better rider.

Price: $5000
Owned by Dawn Shaw
Contact Dawn Shaw via
E-mail or 360-275-7542


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