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Vaskur and his mother Gjósta.  Vaskur was Lone Cedar's first foal, born May 30, 2002. He has been sold.
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About My Farm

Lone Cedar has three major breeding goals:

Temperament.  I am breeding for horses that are gentle, calm, easy to handle, respectful, not fearful, easy to train, willing to please, and like to go but are still safe and fun to ride.

Gait.  Horses from Lone Cedar should have easy and clear four beat tolt with wide speed range, but also have trot when requested.  They should be smooth to ride and ideally will be easy to get into tolt out of the walk.  Some will be pleasure horses, while others may be competition quality with high action.  The latter can also serve as good trail horses.  They might be four or five gaited, and each gait should be clear and available upon request.

Visual Appeal.  This includes conformation, breed character, and color.  I intend to breed horses that are average size or larger (more than 13.1 hands), a neck that is thin and flexible as well as high set with high withers on a sloping shoulder, a cylindrical evenly proportioned body with a well muscled back and croup, and long legs that are strong and sturdy.  They should have substantial manes and tails, and come in all varieties of color.  Overall they should be pleasing to the eye.

About Me: 

I began with Icelandics in 1997.  I bought a sensitive gelding not suited to my experience level, but instead of quitting I sought help from owners and trainers. I learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time, but of course I am still learning.  Now, some years later, I own between 8-12 Icelandic horses (the number changes frequently) and I am now a professional trainer specializing in starting youngsters under saddle.  In the fall of 2002 I spent six weeks at Gauksmýri, a horse training center in Iceland to expand my knowledge of the Icelandic Horse and to learn more about starting horses as well as riding and training gait.  In March of 2010 I passed the final test needed to become a FEIF Level 1 Certified Trainer. In 2010 I also took and passed a judging clinic in Canada to become a Canadian national sport judge. I offer a variety of training and consulting services to owners who need help with their horses.

I am a member of the United States Icelandic Horse Congress and am on their Breeding and Promotion committees.

May 2009 dressage lesson

Training at Lone Cedar:

My specialty has been starting horses, though I am becoming more skilled in gait training.  For starting horses, I use a blend of From 2-1 (Magnús Lárusson), Parelli, TTouch/TTeam, and ground driving to make the horse's transition into a riding horse as stress-free and safe as possible.  My rates are very reasonable and I have references from satisfied customers. My goal is to produce a safe, happy horse that is calm yet responsive to the rider.  I am happy to discuss fully what you and the horse can expect.  As a part of my training, I prefer to work with the owner to demonstrate what they can expect from the horse and what the horse should expect from them.  For gait training,  I emphasize self-carriage, collection and proper form using dressage techniques.  I train for responsiveness to the aids and for getting each gait on request.  I discourage hollowness of the back and neck and train for the horse to be properly on the bit.   I take lessons and attend clinics and seminars on a regular basis to continually improve my skills.

For more information on Training services and costs, visit my Training Services page.

About Lone Cedar's Horses:

Due to limited space, I subscribe to the old adage, Quality, Not Quantity.  I have a small farm and only a handful of brood mares, but each has been carefully selected to accomplish my goals.  I have access to several first prize imported stallions, plus a few others which though not evaluated have demonstrated that they possess the qualities I seek.  Several years ago I traded some horse interests in Iceland for a very promising stallion prospect, but even though Lone Cedar now owns its own stallion, that will not prevent me from leasing or sending mares to outside stallions that fit my breeding program. Since I lost my best brood mare, I am raising and training several promising young mares to see which will better fit my breeding goals.


Freyja canter

Freyja from Lone Cedar:  foaled 2005, her mother is my beloved Askja fra Akureyri whom I lost to colic fall of '09. Freyja is tall with a ground covering walk, reaching trot and easy supple tolt. She has energy like her mother and also is willing to please. Her sire is an impressive evaluated palomino stallion named Flygill frá Mosfellsbæ. She was evaluated in July 2013 and received a respectable score of 8.11 for conformation. Unfortunately her gaits were not trained enough to show her true potential so her overall score is 7.44. She is genetically verified as smoky black, which is black with a cream gene.

Gjósta from Pegasus Ranch:  Foaled in 1997, she is friendly, calm, easy to handle, and is a natural tolter.  She shows all five gaits.  She is dark bay with pretty highlights and a long mane.  She is North American bred.  She had her first foal in 2002, the blue dun colt pictured at the top of the page and gave birth to a lovely buckskin colt in May 2005.  In 2006 she had a lovely and very promsing bay dun filly by first prize stallion Vífill frá Keldudal and in 2008 a bay filly by Máni frá Raufarfelli. She is the horse I put beginners on as she is very easy in both her temperament and her gaits. She is also the horse I take to kid's camps and places like the Boys and Girls Club as she seems to like the attention.


Elja from Lone Cedar

Elja from Lone Cedar:  foaled 2003, her mother is my beloved Askja fra Akureyri whom I lost to colic fall of '09, and is Askja's first foal. Elja is energetic and is a natural tolter, which means pretty much anyone can get her into this gait. Her sire is first prize stallion Draumur frá Hrísum. She was evaluated for conformation only at the age of 3 and received a score of 7.87.

Þoka frá Bergstöðum:  "Þoka" is pronounced "Thoka" in English, and she is a tall black silver dapple mare.  I imported her untrained and have been training her myself.  I bought her to be my third brood mare, a position once held by Solskrikja whom I lost in 2005.  Þoka is four gaited with an animated trot and supple canter.  I had her officially evaluated in the fall of 2006. She received a 7.98 for conformation with an overall score of 7.03.  She scored an 8.5 for walk but mostly 7 or 7.5 for other ridden attributes with no pace. One of her best attributes is her willing and cooperative temperament which makes her a lot of fun to ride. She is homozygous for the silver gene as well as for black so all her foals will be silver dapple. She is pregnant to Brjánn for a 2010 foal.

Sólskríkja frá Gauksmýri:  I am very sad to report that on June 6th, 2005, I lost my beautiful Sola to complications from a difficult birth.  The foal had been still-born three days earlier. Rest in peace, Sola, and be forever with your filly. You live on in my heart.

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Askja frá Akureyri:  I lost Askja to colic on September 4, 2009 at the age of 16. She was an evaluated mare imported from Iceland in 2001. She was four gaited, with a score of 9 for tolt and 8.5 for trot.  Her conformation score was 7.94 and her riding score wass 7.98 for an overall score of 7.96.  Her sire is World Champion Baldur frá Bakka. She was animated, willing and fun to ride and I miss her terribly.  She had five foals during her lifetime.  She had her first foal in 2003, an attractive talented black mare named Elja by first prize stallion Draumur frá Hrísum.  In June 2005 she had her second filly, Freyja, whom I have recently bought back.  This mare's sire is an impressive evaluated palomino stallion named Flygill frá MosfellsbæHer 2006 foal is a blue dun colt named Mjölnir, now living in Georgia, sired by first prize stallion Vífill frá Keldudal. In 2008 she had Brynjar, a bay colt by first prize stallion Máni frá Raufarfelli.  Her last filly, whom she orphaned at the age of 2 1/2 months, is Brýja, a bay filly sired by Brjánn.

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