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Icelandic Horses for Sale

This page is owned and maintained by Dawn Shaw of Lone Cedar Icelandic Horses

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I do my best to keep this site up to date, but since I do not own some of these horses, prices and availability may change without notice.

Please see below for selling policies and general information
regarding buying horses listed on this web site.

Not finding what you want? See below or click here for links to other sites with horses for sale.

Selling Policies:

My personal transactions will be subject to a "terms and conditions of sale" so that the responsibilities of each party and any necessary disclosures are laid out clearly.

My own horses which have already been started under saddle are offered with a suitability guarantee.  It is up to each individual seller whether they choose to do that as well.  Call or E-mail me for details about how mine works.

I do my best to match horses with appropriate buyers.  I encourage buyers to shop around as much as possible in order to become better educated as to their wants and needs, even if it means me losing a sale.  By the same token, I do my best to insure horses are going to good homes.

I will not sell a horse to a home where the horse will be alone, without the companionship of either another horse (preferred) or appropriate companion such as a donkey or goat.  Neighboring horses are acceptable as long as they will be visible.  Horses are herd animals and generally do not thrive in isolation.

Links to other Icelandic Horse Farms

Farms listed here may or may not have horses for sale.
A listing here does not necessarily equal a personal endorsement.


Pacific Northwest:

Icelandic Horse Farm  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Westwynd Icelandics  Graham, Washington

Ísfaxa Farm  Ridgefield, Washington

Gaited Acres Icelandic Horse Ranch  Spokane, Washington

ToltallyICE Icelandic Horses  Shelley, Idaho


Other Parts of the United States and Canada:

Moondance Acres  Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Vindalur Icelandic Horses  Falkland, British Columbia, Canada

Sand Meadow Farm  Middle Island, New York

Sunland Ranch Icelandic Horses  Olivenhain, California

Tamingur Icelandic Horses  Monument, Colorado

Klakahross Icelandic Horses  Bixby, Oklahoma

Unicorn Valley Icelandics  Stanford, Kentucky

Silver Sage Ranch  Placerville, California

Winterhorse Park  Eagle, Wisconsin


Europe and Iceland:

Úrvalshestar Icelandic Horses  Holtsmúla, Hella, Iceland

Langhús Farm  Skagafjörður, Northern Iceland

Stal Foxan  Kuinre, Holland  (in Dutch)

Þorkelshóli  Hvammstangi, Iceland

Solva Icelandic Horses  Pembrokeshire, West Wales, United Kingdom

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